What to expect

Each session will be unique and tailored to you, your health goals, learning style, readiness for change, strengths etc. However, you can expect that each session will begin with the offer of a grounding exercise. This is a breathing based relaxation exercise to help you unwind and come into a more focused state so your experience and time with me is optimized. Because, when we’re feeling scattered, stressed, or anxious, the executive functioning of our brain is diminished, meaning our judgment and ability to plan and make decisions is impaired. 


Next, we’ll begin exploring what you hope to gain from health coaching. And, what’s really at the root of that hope. We’ll examine your life balance – where do you spend most of your time and resources and how does this relate to your goals and values.  We’ll work to identify how these goals and values are aligned, as this will provide great insight that fuels motivation for change from deep within you! From there, we’ll begin building your plan and steps needed to help transform your desired state into an actual one. This plan will include exploration of potential barriers or roadblocks along with strengths and tools, so we can ensure you’re well prepared to embark on your transformative journey!