Why I became a holistic health coach 

As a child, I witnessed a great deal of illness in my family. I myself was chronically ill, and when I reached adulthood I decided I was tired of feeling so sick and tired! So, I focused on various nutrition strategies and exercise regimes and made great strides improving my health, but I discovered along the way that job stresses, sleep, relationships, financial stability, environment, etc. also had an impact on my health and wellbeing and often undermined the progress I had made. Or, that a life event and/or condition could create such roadblocks to my health goals. As I addressed (and continue to address) those things in my own life it awakened me to the lack of it in healthcare which is so heavily focused on diagnosis and/or disease versus the person as a whole. So, I began studying holistic nursing which teaches nurses to focus on the principles of holism: unity, wellness and the interrelationship of human beings and their environment. As I did, I developed a greater awareness and respect for the interconnectedness of all things. This awareness, brought with it an unsettled feeling, a yearning that I needed an avenue to really apply this practice which I wasn’t able to do in a traditional healthcare setting. This brought me to holistic health coaching, which allows me to bridge my passion for holistic nursing and integrative health & wellness coaching.

Healthy Helpers Holistic Health Coaching is about helping you define what wellness looks like to you and support you in achieving that! It’s not a health and wellness expert telling you what you need to do to be healthy.  What?! Yes, that’s right, it’s not someone telling you what to do and shaming you when you don’t comply or succeed in meeting a standard they’ve set for you. Why doesn’t this work, because our lives aren’t identical, our challenges are unique, and we’ve all had different experiences that have led us to where we are. So, you need a unique path that supports who you are and can lead you to where you want to go in a way that best suits you.

You want to healthier, but you don’t really know how to achieve it? No problem, I’m here to help you figure it out! Perhaps you have an illness that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and adrift from health. I can help you navigate to a healthy shore. Or maybe you just have a nagging feeling that something in your life needs to shift, but you’re not clear on the what or the how. I can help you gain clarity and drive towards goals that align with your values. It could be you have a clear picture of health for yourself, but you just don’t know how to get there under your current life conditions. If this is you, don’t fret – you’re not alone and I’m happy to help!



 Holistic Health   Coaching

Education & Training


I have a BA in Business Management & Organizational Leadership and Social Behavior Studies. I have a BSN in Nursing, with dual nursing board certifications (Holistic Nursing & Health & Wellness Coaching). I also hold a national board certification (non-nursing) in Health & Wellness Coaching. In addition, II have graduate education in Healthcare Administration & Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching. I’m also certified in Functional Medicine Health Coaching and Clinical Meditation and Imagery.  


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